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Groundwater & Resource Management

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  • Structural and tectonic basin development and characterization
  • Regional contexting of controlling geologic features and units
  • Conjunctive use
  • Water resource occurrence and sustainability
  • Structural evaluation of aquifer systems, and their occurrence and development
  • Subsurface exploration for water
  • Geophysics applications to groundwater
  • Evaluation of recharge and recovery of basins and aquifers
  • Water chemistry issues evaluation of chemical fate
  • Oxidation / reduction water chemistry, ionics, and equilibria
  • Aerobic and anaerobic processes
  • Water quality
  • Drinking water chemistry and water treatment
  • Multiple use basins and water banking
  • Integrated regional water management
  • Groundwater monitoring, mitigation, and management program development
  • Use of instrumentation and remote sensing for water management
  • Well and wellfield design and construction
  • Pump testing, basin stress testing
  • Well development
  • Subsidence, basin capacity and storage issues
  • Evaluation of pumping wells and well fields on aquifer systems
  • Alluvial systems alluvial stream / riparian / groundwater relationships
  • Hyporheic ("underground stream") and phreatic systems
  • Groundwater enhancement and recharge
  • Well assessment, and well and wellfield rehabilitation
  • Groundwater and seepage behavior
  • Groundwater flow and thermodynamics
  • Drainage, subdrainage, and seepage
  • Sidehill drainage – hydraugers
  • Field and tile drainage
  • Salt management
  • Environmental / contaminant issues and controls
  • Plume and transport development in groundwater systems

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