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Slope Stability • Construction Observations and Testing • Foundation Design • Moisture and Vapor mitigation • Retaining & MSE Wall Design • Expansive Soils • Soil Corrosion Mitigation • Faulting & Geologic Hazards • Soil, Geologic and Hydro-geologic Reports • Drainage & Groundwater • Laboratory Testing • Asphalt & Concrete section design


Construction Defects: Grading, Foundations, Groundwater & Moisture • Ground Stabilization & Foundation Repair • MSE & Retaining
Walls • Expansive & Soils • Settlement Street & Pavement Behavior • SB 800 Issues • Underground Utilities • Expert
Witness • Drainage • Monitoring • GeoChemistry • Weird Science Issues

GROUNDWATER & Resource Management

Mining Exploration & SMARA Compliance • Monitoring, Management, Reclamation & Compliance Mitigation • Mining Reclamation
Plans • Mineral Resource Assessment • Closure Earthwork Design • Groundwater Resource Assessment & Management • Water
Production & Wellfield Design • Water Recovery, Banking & Recharge • Water Quality • Storm Water Management & Mitigation


“The Best Damn Firm in Town” - G3SW

G3 Soilworks - a full service geotechnical/engineering geologic consulting firm - is pleased to reach our fifth successful year. It has come with many interesting clients, exciting assignments, challenging obstacles, and the opportunity to begin The SOS Foundation to improve water well projects across the globe. Our very experienced and dedicated staff base is committed to excellence and client service.

This is brilliant, if we could make every project do this, we would.

Head of Riverside
Flood Control

What Clients are saying about G3 SoilWorks

I consider G3 to be the most premier, sophisticated soil professionals in the industry... G3 has always been able to provide an answer where 3-4 other firms could not.

Ira LebovicLitigation Lawyer

They come in and find the real solutions and the real answers to the problems, and they don't compromise their own integrity.

Marshall KruppVistage International

What the G3 Team came up with was a solution that nobody would have even dreamed of.

Blair DahlDeveloper/ Builder