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  • I consider G3 to be the most premier, sophisticated soil professionals in the industry... G3 has always been able to provide an answer where 3-4 other firms could not.

    Ira LebovicLitigation Lawyer
  • Thank you for the outstanding job, you guys really deliver! G3SoilWorks value is immeasurable. I was impressed by your teams’ ability to step out of their comfort zone and take a strong position on the science involved that others were skeptical about. Some companies can be wishy washy with their stance, not G3. When I showed your report to our HOA, they said your investigation turned the tables.

    Lou Malone, President New Millennium Homes
  • G3's passion for solving difficult problems is why I'd trust them with any project.

    John BrowningLitigation Lawyer
  • They are unconventional, and they're not predisposed to the answers. They come in and find the real solutions and the real answers to the problems, and they don't compromise their own integrity.

    Marshall KruppVistage International